About Nyungwe Eco Village

Biodiversity and Conservation

We are an eco friendly village located in Kitabi sector, Nyamagabe district, Southern province in one kilometer from the eastern entrance of Nyungwe National Park. Our ecovillage is interested in eco lodging, ecotourism, ecosystem restoration, climate smart agriculture, capacity building, ,biodiversity conservation, community development, and biological research. Nyungwe EcoVillage was born from BIOCOOP Rwanda www.biocoop.rw, a social enterprise that achieved a lot in rural development and that created 3000 jobs to the local communities around Nyungwe National Park. Staying with us and doing our nature walks is a great support to the local communities around Nyungwe National Park.

  • ⦁ Enhancing community awareness
  • ⦁ Improving soil quality
  • ⦁ Integrating biodiversity conservation and development projects
  • ⦁ Training local youth to use technology to communicate effectively
  • ⦁ Youth entrepreneurship to inspire business ownership and effective economic development for the local villages
  • ⦁ Educating the youth to access finances and capital and Connecting youth to job training and scholarship opportunities

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